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John Brindle

John Brindle was born in Chorley, Lancashire. It’s an unremarkable small market town thirty minutes north of Manchester. He grew up there with his two sisters and brother.

Always interested in music; his first record purchase was Neil Young’s ‘Harvest’ LP in 1972. Floored by the Country inflections, and melodically downbeat feel of the words and music, Young’s work has provided a life time of fascination. It’s a style of music he never grew out of. While his school pals embraced the Glam Rock and Progressive movements of the 1970s, John’s musical palette was all things West Coast. California.

The singer-songwriter movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s, fuelled John’ imagination. To this day he remains a champion of the ground-breaking work of The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, CSN, Poco and many others. There then emerged the remarkable singer-songwriters from within these groups, and beyond; like Gene Clark, Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, Jackson Browne, Stephen Stills, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot and Joni Mitchell. Of course as the years passed John’s musical palette grew wider to encompass different genres of music.  Englishmen Allan Taylor and Iain Matthews (of Matthews Southern Comfort) are favourites as are newer artists like Neal Casal and Peter Bruntnell.

Although John had a guitar as a lad, he was a relatively late starter in terms of really taking music performance seriously. When he moved to Leicester (for work) in the mid-1980s John fell in with friend John Simpson. The two formed a harmony duo and performed regularly around the Leicestershire circuit. They recorded two duo cassettes (lost in the mists of time) and these contained the first forays into song-writing.  

Once the song-writing bug finally bit John has gone on to make three solo CDs, ‘From The Heart’, ‘Branches’ and the new one ‘Changing Lanes’. The CDs have been well received critically and he’s hoping to get the opportunity to play some solo shows to showcase the material.

Now based in the lovely North Eastern town of Durham, John continues to perform music and runs a weekly acoustic club where he encourages performers to play and sing. His long time association with singer-songwriter Dennis Makepeace has resulted in the two forming a group The Hats. This band plays harmony acoustic pop, rock featuring classic covers as well as original material.

John continues to write freelance for several musical publications. His work has appeared in Mojo, Maverick and The Living Tradition. For his sins he also co-edits Poco newsletter, A Good Feelin’ To Know. Married with a daughter, John intends to continue writing, singing and performing music until he drops!