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Stunning album sung with such conviction that each song has the potential to tell a thousand words

Evidence that artists not just in Nashville, Austin and Toronto, but also here in the UK, can produce wonderfully crafted songs, this very personal sounding and emotionally moving album is bound to find you seeking upcoming gigs of this distinguished artist.

Such words cannot describe the beauty of Song For Anna. Written for his daughter, it tells of the love between a father and daughter no matter what happens even when, as John so delightfully sings, it is only in spirit. Tears found themselves streaming down this reviewer’s cheeks when hearing it for even the eighth or ninth time. This is a highly personal song to beat any and certainly on a par with some of the more emotional Johnny Cash tracks.

With its upbeat start and quite superb harmonica playing, the album’s title track has the fastest groove of the eleven that really demonstrates John’s ability to capture his audience.

Sounding very similar to the traditional Enjoy Yourself, It’s Never Too Late is poignant and leaves one asking oneself; ‘What if?’ As John says quite passionately, it is never too late to pursue your dreams no matter how old you are; it’s all about the person and what they want.  This being the concluding track, it certainly leaves you with a questionable mind that makes you want to catch this guy live as he may have other important questions to ask or, if you may, answers for what I expect is an ever-growing appreciation society.

Worthy of gigging not just the pub circuit but on a larger scale, this very fine album is one which will not disappoint and might possibly see you asking where he is playing next. RH

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